Join us for the In-Vento2020 online event!

September, 07th 2020 

Link to the event – available soon 


Due to the Covid contingencies, a one-day online event will replace the Conference of the Italian association for Wind Engineering, scheduled on September 6-9 2020. Following in the spirit of the past meetings, the online event will be an important initiative to offer prospects for researchers in Wind Engineering from Italy and abroad.


(The next IN-VENTO Conference will be held in Lecco, in 2022.)


The agenda of the “One-Day On-Line Event IN-VENTO 2020” will include:

  • An invited lecture, offered by an outstanding young researcher in Wind Engineering
  • “ANIV Giovani Meeting”, together with a PhD Session
  • ANIV Award ceremony, together with oral presentation of the best papers
  • ANIV Members Assembly

More information about the event will come. Stay tuned!